Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Big Reveal!!

I know it has only been a month and a half but seems like years now since I sent out the Critter Craze Kit for everyone to work on. As everyone sent me the cards so I could post them, it was so interesting what was used what was not used from the kit. I know that it might have been a little difficult to work with as there were a ton if images that they needed to color in. However, all the girls were up to the challenge and their creations were fabulous.
So let me get started on our participants cards!!!

First up is Claudia. She created nine lovely cards from the kit. She did a great job of using the pattered papers on her cards. Don't you love the way she photographed them too?

To see more of Claudia's wonderful creations, visit her Scrapjazz gallery.

Next up is Danielle. She utilized many of the critters and colored them in with colored pencils. She even made her first shaker card that came out wonderful.

To see more of Danielle's projects, please visit her Scrapjazz gallery.

Jenny did a lot of layering of the kit's contents on her cards. She rocked the sequins on her second card too!! 

To see more from Jenny, please visit her Scrapjazz gallery.

Kathleen used many of the Critters for her cards too. Kathleen not only used the kit for the outside of the cards but decorated the insides too.

I like that she made the insides as festive as the outsides. Unfortunately Kathleen does not have a gallery but I am working on her!!

Rosey is created five cards with the kit. She did a really great job using many of the die cuts and the fun little extras in the kit. Look at the way she used the purple doily on her third card. I would never have thought to do that!!

To see more of Rosey's fabulous creations, visit her Scrapjazz gallery or her blog, Squirrel's Nuts.

Next up is Virginia. She rocked it with making nine cards in all and got them to me in record time. She even used the item that I thought would be the hardest for everyone to use-one of the pins!! 

To see more of Virginia's wonderful designs, visit her Scrapjazz gallery.

Last and least are my (Nora) cards. I give the girls HUGE kudos for all the cards they made with it. Believe it or not, I had a hard time with the kit. Mostly because I rarely use patterned paper on my cards. I usually make my own with stamps. I also did not have enough of some of the supplies for me that I sent. I created five cards.

For more information on all my cards and some close up photos, please visit my blog, A Creative Touch. I will also be posting the images in my Scrapjazz gallery.

I thank you for stopping by to browse all the great cards the girls made. I look forward to seeing you all next month for cards from "Claudia's Stash" kit that she sent. Think fall!!!


Happy Dance said...

Congrats ladies, on your new venture! Can't wait to see many, many more fun creations. Bev

Kim Heggins said...

Oh my goodness....I am so impressed! What a fabulous kit and seeing everyone's amazing creations too. So inspired Nora. I have been part of the 12 kits of occasions from the beginning and just love it and I know you and your group will have an amazing time putting the kits together and making all those fabulous cards.